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3D Printing At America's Bright Smiles

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing represents a groundbreaking method that enhances our ability to provide optimal treatment to our patients. Utilizing this technology, we can create surgical guides to streamline and improve treatment planning. By translating digital or impression renderings of your teeth and mouth into physical models, 3D printing enables us to visualize and manipulate structures for more effective dental care. The process of generating a 3D model of your teeth is efficient, rapid, and immensely beneficial in advancing your dental treatment.


Why is 3D Printing needed?

3D printing is recommended in our practice primarily for patients undergoing oral surgery. For example, having a 3D model of your teeth and mouth aids us in determining optimal implant placement or performing procedures like bone grafting. The lifelike and detailed rendering provided by 3D printing enables us to precisely plan and execute surgical procedures.

Who is a candidate for 3D Printing?

Obtaining a 3D scan of your teeth is a straightforward and expedient process, making it beneficial for most of our patients. Both children and adults can benefit from 3D printing due to its significant advantages for overall dental health. Our team will assess your individual needs and recommend 3D printing as necessary during your treatment.

What can be expected with 3D Printing?

The initial step involves taking a scan of your teeth and mouth, typically done digitally for clear visualization on our computer screens. Subsequently, a 3D printing machine is employed to fabricate a physical model based on these impressions. This model serves as a valuable tool in treatment planning for surgical procedures, allowing us to illustrate and explain the expected outcomes of oral surgery to you. Overall, 3D printing significantly enhances the patient experience by facilitating better treatment visualization and communication.

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