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What is a Cone Beam CT Scan?

A cone beam CT scan is an advanced imaging technique that utilizes a special type of x-ray to provide detailed insights into your oral and facial health. Unlike traditional x-rays, this scan offers comprehensive views of nerve pathways, soft tissues, and bones, aiding in precise treatment planning. Conducted swiftly within our office, this scan delivers highly detailed images in a matter of seconds.


Why might a Cone Beam CT Scan be needed?

Cone beam CT scans are typically required before undergoing oral surgery in our office. By revealing crucial details such as soft tissues, bones, and nerves, this scan facilitates safer and more effective surgical procedures. Additionally, it may be necessary in emergency situations or when diagnosing specific dental issues. Despite employing minimal radiation, the benefits of obtaining comprehensive diagnostic information outweigh any potential risks for most patients.

Who is a candidate for a Cone Beam CT Scan?

Utilizing cutting-edge x-ray and CT scanning technology, we ensure the safety and suitability of cone beam CT scans for all patients. Prior to undergoing the procedure, we will carefully assess your medical history to determine its appropriateness. Regardless of age, most patients can safely undergo this scan, which is often simpler and quicker than conventional intraoral dental x-rays.

What happens during a Cone Beam CT Scan?

The process commences with positioning you in the center of a specialized machine, either standing upright or seated with your chin resting on a chin rest and biting down on a bite stick. The machine will rotate around your head, capturing images from various angles. Within moments, we receive the comprehensive image, enabling us to tailor treatment plans accordingly. Expect to undergo a cone beam CT scan prior to any oral surgical procedures for optimal precision and safety.

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