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Intraoral Cameras At America's Bright Smiles

What is an Intra-Oral Camera?

An intra-oral camera is a valuable tool that provides detailed views of the interior of your mouth. Unlike traditional examinations, this camera offers magnified images of various aspects of your smile, such as areas of decay, cracks, breaks, fractures, and other intra-oral concerns. Safe and effective, the intra-oral camera is suitable for patients of all ages.


Why is an Intra-Oral Camera needed?

An intra-oral camera is essential for obtaining a clearer view inside the mouth. By magnifying the area it examines, the camera enables us to identify issues more easily and conveniently. Additionally, we can display the findings on a screen, allowing you to understand the necessary treatment better. Utilized daily in our practice, the intra-oral camera enhances our diagnostic capabilities.

Who is a candidate for an Intra-Oral Camera scanning?

The majority of patients visiting our office can benefit from intra-oral camera scans. This technology provides a comprehensive view of the oral cavity, facilitating prompt detection of problems and the development of tailored treatment plans. Whether used before, during, or after procedures, the intra-oral camera aids in delivering optimal dental care.

What happens during the appointment using an Intra-Oral Camera?

During the appointment, you’ll sit comfortably in one of our examination rooms as we begin the process. We’ll gently insert the handheld intra-oral camera into your mouth, and the captured images will display on a computer screen in the room. This real-time visualization allows you to observe the examination process and the areas under review. As we scan your mouth, we’ll identify any issues and discuss suitable treatment options based on our findings. The entire procedure is quick, straightforward, and typically takes only a few minutes to complete in our office.

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