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iTero Scanner At America's Bright Smiles

What is the iTero Element Flex Scanner?

The iTero Element Flex revolutionizes the process of creating detailed models of your teeth and gums for various dental treatments. In the past, this involved messy and uncomfortable impressions, but now, with the iTero Element Scanner, Dr. Lauren offers a non-invasive, radiation-free solution that generates a 3D rendering of your mouth in under 5 minutes. This cutting-edge technology enhances your dental treatment experience, ensuring comfort and peace of mind.


Benefits of the iTero Element Flex:

Radiation-Free Treatment: Unlike traditional x-rays, the iTero Element Flex utilizes laser energy to map out your teeth and oral tissues, eliminating concerns about radiation exposure while providing immediate topographical images.

No Impressions Needed: Say goodbye to messy and uncomfortable impressions. The iTero Element Flex produces highly accurate results without the need for traditional impressions, sparing patients from discomfort and gagging.

Fast Results: Traditional impressions often involve multiple steps and delays. With the iTero Element Flex, results are immediate and can be used to fabricate treatment devices like Invisalign aligners and nightguards seamlessly.

The iTero Element Flex Treatment Process and What to Expect:

During the iTero Element Flex scan, Dr. Lauren uses a small handpiece to collect imaging data of your teeth and gums. This data is then processed by the iTero Element Flex machine to create detailed 3D models. Unlike other systems, Dr. Lauren can move the handpiece along with your teeth and gums as needed, ensuring a fast, safe, and comfortable experience without interruptions or side effects. The generated images and models inform various dental procedures, such as Invisalign, dental implants, bridges, crowns, and restorations, providing precise treatment planning. After the scan, you can return home without any discomfort or inconvenience.

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